Selling Princeton Real Estate and a St. Joseph Statuette

Are you selling your Princeton area home and feel you may need some extra help?

Having completed Princeton area real estate market report for June 2008 Montgomery township real estate market report, I wondered if in this market many home sellers may be looking for out of the box ideas.  Looking for a unorthodox approach to selling Princeton homes for sale I poked a bit on the Internet.

I found a plastic burial bag, muslin tote bag and a color booklet may just be the items you need. What do these items have to do with selling a home in the Princeton area? They are part of the package that comes together with a four-inch high statue of St. Joseph from a Modesto, California company Believers in the power of saints bury the statue in their back yard to help them sell their homes.

I heard such stories before, but what really surprised me was the fact reported in WSJ Blog. company has released an index of the company sales comparing it  to the Case- Shiller Home Price Index.

Read: Who Else Wants Clarity About Prices for Princeton NJ Real Estate Mercer County Homes index shows the sale of statues on the rise in 17 out of 20 markets tracked by the Case-Shiller. Best sale of statues was in the areas with the home prices were at their worst. If these numbers are accurate, it would suggest home sellers across the country are looking for help from the “higher authority”.
Some blog commentators reported this method having worked for them, while others suggested WSJ is “having a hard time finding feel good real estate stories”.

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You would not need help from the “Higher Authority” when searching for Princeton area homes for sale to stay abreast of the market and your competition. You could do it on your own 24/7 and it’s free.