Princeton Real Estate In The New York Times

If you like reading New York Times, read today’s Sunday edition article Battling for Bidding Wars. Here is a

shameless plug – I am in it:) I mean some the information from the hour long interview is there.

I received a call form the New York Times last week. They wanted to get my opinion on multiple offers in the buyers market.  They called me because of the articles I wrote on the Princeton Real Estate blog.

Back in late summer I wrote a post on Multiple offers in the buyers market, describing why such a phenomena was possible in Princeton. Fast forward to the New York Times call.  The time is now post  September 2008 market crash and it was an interesting question for them to revisit.

I was on my way to meet with people at the national real estate bloggers conference in NYC, so I couldn’t talk with the reporter for long. We agreed to pick up the conversation the next day. I spend a few hours researching the topic to come up with a broader view then just my personal experience with multiple offers. I found a few interesting things which are described in this follow up post Multiple offers in buyers market now.

Interestingly enough, awhile back I wrote an article “ Who else wants to be in the New York Times” to bring attention to real estate blogs as a way for the press to learn what’s really going on in the local real estate from people who practice it every day. I never thought the NYT would call me:)

I am energized to continue covering local real Princeton real estate to educate real estate buyers and sellers, and perhaps press. My 2 second of fame feels good:)