Princeton Real Estate Housing Market 2004-2008

Princeton Real Estate Homes presents the market report for the 2008. We analyzed  the Princeton real estate market statistics results and compared them to previous years. Princeton real estate, unlike many places in the country, has good news to report. Thinking of selling your Princeton home soon? Looking to buy real estate in Princeton NJ ? You are in the right place. Looking to sell in Princeton NJ ?This post is for you. Here are the highlights.

Princeton real estate market 2008 highlights

  1. Average price of the homes sold in Princeton in 2008 was 1,006,832- a 10% increase compared to 2007. This is good news, but not an indication that if bought your home last year, you can sell it for 10% more. Read: Understanding Princeton real estate prices.
  2. Average price of the homes sold in Princeton in 2008 has increased 13% compared to 2005.
  3. Average price of homes sold in Princeton has increased every year since 2004. This is the most amazing piece of news, given what has transpired in the rest of the financial and real estate markets around the country.
  4. Average price of a houses sold in Princeton has increased cumulatively 30%. The largest increase of 15% compared to the previous year, has occurred in 2005.
  5. The number of Princeton houses sold in 2008 has decreased drastically by 22%. Princeton has not been completely immune to the bad real estate market. Compared to 2005 this decrease is a whooping 40%. Read my analysis in the upcoming post.
  6. Maximum Price for a Princeton house sold was $4,125,000 – the highest since 2005, and a 11% higher then in 2007.
  7. The number of houses listed in Princeton Township has declined more then in Princeton Borough -24% and -18% respectively.
  8. Days on the market has increased for Princeton Township by 14%, but declined for homes sold in the Princeton Borough by 15%. This information is relevant only if examined in conjunction with your real estate agent, who could provide insight on how this statistics is reported and develop a meaningful guide for your home.

Princeton Real Estate Housing Market 2008

Housing Categories 2005             2006               2007               2008

Units Listed                 596               604                 559                  458
Listed Average            1,008,281    1,024,678          1,074,490      1,082,194
Pended                        378                297                  308                  230
Units Sold                    395                295                  305                  237
Average Sold Price       889,084       893,013             911,172        1,006,832
Average List Price         945,893       970,094            991,983        1,122,563
Max. Sold Price            4,080,195     3,340,000         3,700,000       4,125,000
Average DOM               76                 94                     97                  101

*Data is based on Trend MLS ( 01/05/2009) and is not guaranteed