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With over 100 articles to date – the goal of Princeton Real Estate Homes blog is to provide as much and as unbiased information as possible about Princeton NJ real estate for:

1. people who live in the Princeton area and are considering selling/buying their Princeton home, and/or want to keep up with the state of the local real estate market;

2. people who are relocating to Princeton NJ and are not familiar with the area and would like to know what is it like to live in Princeton and surrounding towns.

There could be a flip side, however, to this much information -how do you find what you need? To help a bit with this task I picked some of the popular articles and organized them by topic. So, get in a comfortable chair and explore Princeton and Princeton real estate -just click on the article of interest. If you still couldn’t find an answer to your question, just sent me an e-mail, and I would answer it.

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I. What To Expect In Various Price Ranges for Princeton Homes For Sale

Home Search

Homes And Condos For Sale In Princeton Under $300,000 & $500,000

What You Get In Princeton For $500K-$700K |New Jersey Real Estate

What Can You Buy In Princeton For Under $1million |New Jersey Real Estate

Princeton Real Estate For $1mln-$1.5mln |New Jersey Real Estate

Princeton Homes For Sale MLS Listings Live Feeds

Princeton Homes For Sale – $1,000,000 -$2,000,000

Princeton Luxury Homes For Sale $2,00,00-$3,000,000

Princeton Homes for sale $3,000,000 -$5,000,000

Princeton Luxury Real Estate over $5,000,000

Search Princeton Homes For Sale

II. Hopewell New Jersey Homes For Sale MLS Feeds

Luxury Hopewell Real Estate -$1,500,000 – $2,500,000

Luxury Hopewell Homes For Sale – $1,000,000- $1,500,000

Hopewell NJ Real Estate -$750,000- $1,000,000

Hopewell NJ Real Estate – $500,000 -$750,000

Hopewell NJ Real Estate – $300,000 – $500,000

III. Montgomery Township Homes For Sale MLS Feeds

Skillman NJ Luxury Homes For Sale -$1,000,000- $1,500,000

Montgomery Township NJ Homes For Sale -$750,000-$1,000,000

Montgomery Township NJ Homes For Sale -$500,000- $750,000

IV. Housing Market Reports

NJ Real estate market housing reports 2009

Princeton NJ Real Estate Market Report 2004-2008

Hopewell Real Estate Housing Market Report 2004-2008

Montgomery Township Real Estate Housing Report 2004-2008

V. About Princeton

Princeton NJ Real Estate – About Princeton – Relocating And Living

Relocating to Princeton – How To Decide Where To Live

Princeton NJ Little Known Pleasures of Princeton

Princeton Neighborhoods

Campbell Woods – Princeton Neighborhood

Princeton Ridge | Princeton Neighborhood

Princeton Ridge Homes Sold – Prices and Market Statistics

Preserve – Preserve Neighborhood – Princeton Homes For Sale

Ettl Farm Luxury Homes -Princeton Real Estate

VI. Seller Tips

3 Creative Ways To Beat Competition 

Secrets to Home Selling Like a Realtor

3 Things That Sell Houses Now

5 Deadly Mistakes When Selling Your House

Why Some Princeton Homes Sell Quickly

One Sure Way To Kill A Princeton House Sale

Selling Princeton Homes Out-of-the Box Idea

VII. Buyer Tips

How Much Is The View Worth

Buyers Market and Multiple Offers

How To Find A Real Estate Bargain in Princeton

Secrets To Buying A Home Like A Realtor

How To Make Offers And Get The Lowest Price

Can You Buy A Home Without A Realtor

VIII. About Real Estate Information

Princeton NJ Real Estate Mercer County Homes – Who Else Wants Clarity About Prices

Princeton NJ Real Estate|Mercer County Homes – “Princeton Houses Are Selling Fast” ?

Princeton NJ Real Estate -Where To Find Answers

Is There Good News For Princeton Real Estate ?

Finding and Working With A Princeton Realtor

How To Select A Princeton Real Estate Agent – The Myths And The Truths

Do You Need An Agent To Buy Princeton Area Homes?

Can You Buy A Home Without A Realtor ?

What should you pay your New Jersey real estate agent?

Princeton Real Estate – an interview with me (MeMe)

IX. Prices OF Homes Sold  – By Address

Princeton Ridge Prices Of Homes Sold

What Did Princeton Houses Sell For?

Prices Of The Houses Sold In Montgomery Township

X. Mortgage and National Real Estate

Princeton NJ, Montgomery Township -New Mortgage Limits

Princeton Real Estate and Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae

Princeton New Jersey Real Estate And Gas Prices

XI. Schools

Princeton, Montgomery, West windsor School rankings

How To Select The Best School -Relocating & Buying Princeton Real Estate Homes

Princeton Regional Schools – For Non -Residents

XII. Community Resources