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The subject of schools in Princeton , Montgomery , West  Windsor and other surrounding towns is inextricable tied to many parents’ decision where to live. For this reason it’s one of the very important considerations for many of my readers and clients.
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This weekend is difficult for my family as my boys are preparing to go to school away from home. With truck loads of socks and other “important items” waiting to be marked, I was reflecting on the important decisions parents have to make when it comes to school choice.

Excellent public schools is why many parents are attracted to greater Princeton area. Parents also have other choices. Some of the best private schools are in Princeton as well. What some out of state prospective home buyers may not know about is the Princeton Charter school.

Here is how NJ Monthly describes this school:
” Set at the southernmost end of an expansive, tree-fringed campus, the Princeton Charter School reflects the community it serves: comfortable, safe, and geographically removed from the turmoil of the states urban communities and inner-city public schools. This is not your typical charter school, at least not in New Jersey, where the vast majority are in economically depressed urban neighborhoods. But it is proof that top-rated schools and stratospheric SAT scores do not necessarily guarantee community satisfaction. Even in Princeton, it appears, parents are hungry for alternatives to the status quo.”

“The founders who wrote the charter wanted a more rigorous education for their children and felt that in some cases the education their children got was too dependent on which teacher they were assigned,” says Charles Marsee, the schools retiring head of school.

The curriculum concentrates on English and math, with a strong emphasis on writing; this is the kind of place where kids still learn how to diagram a sentence and are expected to do long division without a calculator.  Test scores bear out the programs success. For the past five years, the middle school has had the highest number of “advanced proficient” scores in math and science in the state.

For that, Marsee credits the curriculum and the schools quality of instruction. “Weve been very good and very fortunate in bringing together an outstanding faculty,” he says. “

“Last year, the Center for Education Reform, an organization promoting
school choice, named Princeton Charter and the Hoboken Charter School
among the best in the nation.”

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