Princeton New Jersey Real Estate – 3 Tips To Beat Competition When Selling A Princeton Home

Princeton real estate home sellers are always looking for creative ways to sell their home faster and for more money. Finding out of the box solutions for home sellers is especially important in tough real estate markets. This article is about using some of the strategies used by retailers and applying it to the home selling. The idea here is to to “Show and

Some Princeton homes sold quickly and Princeton real estate in general has not been affected as badly as the rest of the country.
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Yet many Princeton homes for sale required several price reductions in order to sell. Correctly pricing your home aside is the most important aspect of successful sale. This article focuses on what else you could
be done to sell your Princeton home.

Borrowing ideas for selling from best retailers makes sense. They wrote the book
on how to market and sell the same products as offered by their competition. An interesting article in Home Warranty Of America mentions some of the ideas used by retailers.

Princeton homes for sale are not the same as a toasters and would most likely not be an impulse purchase. Yet some of the ideas are very applicable and could give you an edge over competing Princeton properties.

The way to understand these concepts is to consider your home through the eyes and ears of the prospective buyers.

1. Visual – show them the Bling

Visual judgments are made in seconds. Ever wondered why cosmetics and jewelry are at the front of department stores? They are the most profitable, hot and are vanity products.  Putting their best products up front is one of the old retailing techniques.

You and your agent agent should understand “where is the bling” in your home and focus perspective buyers on those few select areas.

Remember, buyers would only give your home a small share of their mind. Great salespeople in the store won’t take buyers to the sales racks. They mention the the new, full price merchandise up front, ask what you are looking for and steer you to that area. They then let the buyers go to the sales racks by themselves.

Give the prospective buyers the best image of your home first and do it quickly. This impression is what would stay in their minds and make them remember your home.

2. Audio – Ambiance

Restaurants and better retailers understand this concept well and elevated it to the level of science.
The same food delivered with better ambiance is  priced higher and enjoyed more.

The ambiance of your home has to do with the whole experience of being in it. Here is just one aspect – audio.  Using audio could be used very effectively to set the mood for the viewing of your Princeton home. Create a mood that makes the buyers happy to be there. It is believed, sound could direct our feelings, thoughts and actions. What a perfect way to direct them to buying your home.

Music that matches our expectations helps us stay in the environment longer and buy more. Choose the music that fits your Princeton home for sale personality.  Is your home classical Georgian colonial or 50s modern ranch? Does it have nooks and crannies or is it spare and restrained? Pick the music that fits. Most likely it would fit buyers preferences, since they selected this style of home to see.

In the buyers mind the experience of classical music played in your Princeton colonial style home would mark it from other similar homes for sale.

3. Benefits – Not features

This concept is used by most good salespeople. Present the benefits not the features. When it comes to home buying, appeal to buyers’ life style. Top quality bricks on the patio may do nothing for the buyer to remember your home. Watching lovely sunsets, or having family barbecues on your patio would. If your
house is a script, help the buyers see how they could slide into the script and have the leading role.
Benefits that resonate with buyers is how your home will stand out from the competition. Home buyers may not remember the fact your home has 4 bedrooms, since most other homes do too. They would remember their starring role in the future “movie” that is your house. All they have to do is buy the script.

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