Princeton, Montgomery, West Windsor School Ranking

Getting kids ready for the start of new year is on the agenda of many Princeton school parents. Every year parents myself included, feel a certain anxiety about what the next academic year would be like for their kids. This uncertainty is understandably higher for parents who are just considering moving to the Princeton area.

There are many different opinions on how to decide what school is best for your child.

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Parents often ask how one school compares to another to help them select where to live and/or buy their home in the Greater Princeton. Others argue the rankings may not address your child’s specific needs.

Here are few facts to help you in thinking about high schools  in Princeton, Montgomery, West Windsor and Hopewell. New Jersey Monthly ranks New Jersey schools and many parents consider these ratings when evaluating the best school for their kids and as part of their decision when moving to the Princeton area. With a freshman in my family, I could particularly appreciate how high the scores are for all area schools. The second observation is the high number of AP classes offered and the high grades (over 3) students received.

There are some changes in the lineup in the recently released 2008 rankings. Princeton High had moved up significantly, while Montgomery High and West Windsor South moved down, West Windsor moved down just one rank.

According to NJ Magazine’s ranking of  New Jersey schools:
School Rank    2008 Rank 2006
Princeton High School            6                       13
Montgomery High School       16                       4
West Windsor High North       19                       18
West Windsor High South       21                       9
Hopewell Valley Central          39                       59

Here a few other facts:
School     Average Size Class        Av. SAT                     #Of AP’s Offered       % Scoring >3 on AP 
Princeton                    11.8                              1824             27                            91
Montgomery               12.1                              1755             24                            90
W. Windsor  N            19.9                              1742             29                            87
W. Windsor S              21.5                              1798             31                            91

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