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Luxury Princeton Real Estate  – $3,000,000+

Luxury Princeton homes for sale are among the most desirable New Jersey real estate properties.  International buyers see Princeton as a sophisticated University town with both the urban and suburban vibe.

The week dollar makes luxury properties in Princeton even more attractive to buyers who choose Princeton for the proximity to their work. The limousine drive to New York is approximately one hour. This makes Princeton luxury homes for sale appealing to the buyers who prefer the relative seclusion of the Princeton estates and who may already have pied- a-terre in New York.

Luxury homes for sale seem to not be affected by the conditions in the other segments of the real estate market.  there was a 40% increase in the number of Princeton homes sold for over $3,000,000. The highest sale to-date was for $4,125,000 making Princeton a great choice for buyers.

Luxury homes in Princeton could be found both in the Princeton Borough and Princeton Township. At this time there are more luxury properties for sale in the Princeton Township. Homes for sale in the Boro tend to be older properties, often designed by renowned Princeton architects like  Rolf Bauhan.  These properties have usually undergone major renovations and upgrades to introduce modern amenities and in keeping with the style of the house.  Often these luxury homes are located on beautiful streets like Library, Hodge, Lafayette.

Homes for sale in Princeton township are usually newer, or new construction and are often located in Rushbrook area of the town on streets like Bogart,  Hageman, Pretty Brook and others.

Our clients of luxury Princeton properties look for  exquisite service, discretion and understanding of international real estate markets. Our service is structured to meet these needs.

These are the Princeton homes for sale available now for discriminating buyers.

Luxury Princeton Homes for Sale